About Us

Jochen Fahr, Der Mann

The mastermind behind Fahr Beer is Jochen Fahr. Jochen was born and raised in Ebringen, Germany. His passion for brewing began early in his childhood when his father worked at the Fürstenberg Brewery in nearby Donaueschingen. Later in life and halfway around the globe, Jochen’s passion for brewing and appreciation for local farming reconverged in Calgary when he started Brauerei Fahr. Jochen’s goal was to provide the Canadian consumer with authentic German Beer made from recipes Fahr away. 

Jochen landed in Calgary in 2008 to complete his Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology. His undergraduate degree focused on industrial biotechnology using microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria for industrial processes such as ethanol production. Shortly after graduation, Jochen started his Masters of Science in Medical Sciences, but fast-tracked into a Biomedical Engineering PhD degree (yes, he is a brainiac). 

Academics aside, Jochen worked in medical and industrial fields for years, but fermented his passion for beer by brewing at home. Putting his engineering skills to work, Jochen created an automated brewing system. Using this system, he has won several medals in home brewing competitions! Having rounded out his professional experience in business, science, and engineering, Jochen took the leap in 2015 to make Brauerei Fahr Inc. a full-time endeavour. With a knack for entrepreneurship, a passion for great tasting beer, a few award-winning home recipes, and a VERY understanding wife, Fahr Beer is now an established brewery in Turner Valley, AB.

German Purity Law

In 1516, Germany adopted Reinheitsgebot, which means “German Purity Law.” Today, it is the oldest provision still enforced to protect consumers in Germany. The original law stated that beer could only contain three ingredients: barley, hops, and water. In 1993, Germany added yeast as an allowable ingredient. 

Brauerei Fahr abides by this standard, meaning we make our beers with only barley, hops, water, and yeast! We only brew “beer-flavoured” beer and that is our promise.

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