Chef N Brew: Fahr Edition

Join Chef Josh Dyer of Cravings Market Restaurant and Jochen with Fahr Brewery to offer you the first Chef n’ Brew experience!

About this event

Come to the Cravings Market Restaurant, as Chef Josh Dyer presents the Chef n’ Brew series, a re-occurring event to explore various food and beverage pairings in a casual-dining experience. Enjoy a 4-course meal as Chef Josh explains the characters of each dish and how it compliments the featured beverage.

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, Cravings Market Restaurant has partnered with Fahr Beer to present Alberta’s Finest Traditional Beer. There will be a brief presentation by Fahr Beer’s founder, Jochen Fahr.


6:20pm – Guest arrival/check-in

6:30pm – Presentation and service begins

8:30pm – End of event



Duck pate en croute/mostarda (Pairing – Fahr Pils)


Stuffed quail/birch syrup glaze/grilled late-harvest carrots (Pairing: Fahr Copper)


Tea-smoked halibut/cardamom sauce (Pairing: Fahr Hefe)


Profiterole/Italian plum/expresso/dark chocolate (Pairing: Fahr Munich)