Fahr Beer

August 25 2022

The Mastermind Behind Fahr Beer – Jochen Fahr

The mastermind behind Fahr Beer is Jochen Fahr.

Brewing beer isn’t for the average person. It’s time consuming, expensive, takes up a lot of space, and many things can go wrong. Sometimes immediately, and sometimes mistakes are only noticeable when you take a sip of what you’d invested your time, money, and energy into. Spitting it out to go back to square one. 

Thus, the everyday, ordinary human doesn’t become a homebrewer, let alone a Brewmaster. Then, there’s Jochen (Yoke-In being the proper pronunciation for us English speakers) Fahr of Brauerei Fahr. Who isn’t even your average Brewmaster (or in his native German, Braumeister). Holding a PhD, Jochen is a Doctor of Engineering, but he’s also PhD when it comes to brewing beer: a Pretty Heavy Dude.

Pre-PhD, as a child Jochen followed his father around the brewery in Donaueschingen, in Germany’s Black Forest, that employed him. Fast forward to adulthood, where Jochen earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology, with a focus on how yeast cells can be immobilized to produce ethanol for industrial applications. While you may think that knowing how to utilize yeast meant diving headfirst into brewing, Jochen was accepted into Grad School for a Master of Science in Medical Sciences. While studying for his Master’s, he was promoted into a PhD fast-track, finishing with a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

“But how does this relate to this delicious Alberta-brewed German-style beer I’m currently enjoying,” you ask? We’re glad you did. Keeping his family’s history in brewing alive, Jochen became an avid homebrewer while still in school. Using his Engineering skills of analytical thinking, attention to detail, problem-solving and most importantly resilience, Jochen strove to recreate the beers he remembered from Germany. Translating the abilities that he learned in university into brewing beer.

As with his academics, Jochen was also looking to improve his beer constantly and consistently. So, while working in the medical and industrial fields as his day job, he invented his own automated brewing system to maintain the quality he felt beer drinkers in Alberta deserved. With the brewing system completed, the beers began being entered in the competition. Winning time and time again. Leading to Jocken making the switch into brewing for Brauerei Fahr full-time as of 2015 and opening their brewery and tap room in Turner Valley, Alberta. 

With that brainy approach to beer, Fahr has become an Albertan beer industry success story. With their beers winning medals not only nationally, but internationally. Fahr’s offerings can now be consumed in Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and as far east as New Brunswick. 

Finally, let’s talk about Fahr. The word. In German, “Fahr” means “drive”. You can see that drive reflected in Jochen with his educational background. Which led to his homebrewing, followed by his brewery and its many awards. In fact, demand for Fahr’s beer has increased enough that there will soon be a brand-new Brewery and Events Space in Turner Valley. All thanks to a beer brewing brainiac, and his sense of drive.