Fahr Beer


You can’t create something extraordinary without a unique approach – fortunately, our brewery is Fahr from ordinary.

The quality and taste of Fahr beers speaks for itself by winning several prestigious World & Canadian Brewing awards. Specializing in brewing “beer-flavored” beer, Fahr is redefining what it means to be a craft beer by bringing it back to the basics.

Adhering to German Purity Laws, Fahr is brewing over 500 years of tradition into locally crafted Alberta Beer.


  • Reverse osmosis to purify water
  • On-site air compressor and an onsite nitrogen generator
  • On-site generated nitrogen is used for purging of tanks instead of CO2
  • Grain bags are sent for recycling
  • Spent grains go to local farmers for animal feed
  • Residual yeast is used for biofertilizers on hayfields
  • Two-stage heat exchange system
  • Simple packaging – reusable recycled plastic holders, universally sized
  • Switching from bottles to cans to improve recyclability
  • Purity Law is the first step to sustainability – simple ingredients, nothing exotic


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