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Hazy. Refreshing. Wheat.
The official Best Hefeweizen in the World, courtesy of the 2020 World Beer Awards!
This Bavarian style Hefeweizen is the one that started it all! The first Fahr beer to be produced commercially in 2015. However, this beer had been in development for much longer (Jochen can’t even remember how long – that long!). This beer has won numerous awards before and after it became commercially available. The beer itself is hazy with a medium body to it, smooth from start to finish. Taste the aromas of wheat grass, white pepper, banana, and clove.
Mild. Elegant. Dry.
The 2020 World Beer Awards Canada Gold Winner for Best Vienna Style Lager and Silver in the Canadian Brewing Awards!
The Copper – Jochen’s personal favourite! This beer has a copper colour (hence the name). With flavours of toffee, caramel, and cracker this beer is smooth and perfectly balanced. The German noble hops used in this beer offer a nice counterpart to the predominantly sweet impression. The Copper is the perfect beer to enjoy on any occasion.
Clean. Balanced. Golden.
Fahr Pils is the 2020 World Beer Awards Canada Gold Winner for Best Classic Pilsner Style Lager Beer!
This Black Forrest style Pilsner is unique to North America. Fuller bodied with less hop and bitterness, this beer stands out amongst other Northern German Pilsners more commonly found in Canada. This beer is filtered for clarity, has 5.0% alc./vol. and has a crisp finish. The Pils maintains flavours of crackers, floral notes, and a slight lingering bitterness to cut through the initial sweetness of the malt used. This beer was awarded Silver for Pilsners in Canada in the 2019 World Beer Awards!
Dark. Rich. Complex.
Gold Winner in the 2020 Canadian Brewing Awards!
This dark lager looks like a Guinness and drinks like a Pilsner! If you hold the glass to some light you will notice a beautiful garnet hue to it. Jochen calls it his ‘oxymoron beer’ – it contradicts itself! Taste notes of chocolate, coffee and dark fruit. The dark colour comes from a special debittered roasted malt that is used in the process of making the beer.
Beer. Lemonade. Mixed.

Get RAD with this Radler, the official beer of summer! This beer is a very traditional German style. A golden lager is mixed with a German Limonade. We promise it is not just squeezed lemon juice and sugar! The Limonade is made in house and mixed with a lager to get to a clear, golden liquid that is unbelievably refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. It’s a taproom favourite and certainly crushable at only 3.0% alc./vol.

Hint, hint, nudge nudge… the Limonade is also available on tap at the brewery. A MUST try!

The OG Energy Drink
Silver Winner at the 2020 Canadian Brewing Awards.
We are brewing our non-alcoholic beer like we would any other beer that we have in our product line. The difference? We use a specialized mashing technique combined with a very special yeast. When treated right (and we know how), this yeast only produces about 0.3% alc./vol. Taste notes of crackery malt, citrus, and fruit aroma. This is a guilt-free “beer” – and we all work hard for that!
Citrus. Summer. Haze.
Our Hoppy Hefe is exactly how it sounds! If you can’t tell, we play the role of “Captain Obvious” when naming our beers. The base recipe for this Hopped up Hefe is similar to our traditional Hefe with the exception of using Amarillo hops instead of the German noble hops. But don’t be fooled when you take your first sip, there is plenty of hops in this beer, despite the low bitterness! Paired with notes of banana and clove, the hops in this beer adds flavours of citrus and orange! It is an absolutely winning combo in our eyes… but don’t take our word on it and try it for yourself!


The mastermind behind Fahr Beer is Jochen Fahr. Born and raised in Ebringen, Germany, his passions revolve around providing Canadian consumers with authentic German Beer made from recipes Fahr away.


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